Tutorial: Recover kitchen chairs

Yesterday I decided to recover the cushions on a small cafe table I have in my kitchen since the blue coverings currently on them were looking drab and worn. It’s a quick and simple project, all you need is a staple gun, scissors, pliers, and a screw driver, plus 1-2 yards of the fabric of your choice. (I went with some red and white polka dots)

Start by unscrewing the cushions from the chairs and removing the current covering. This is where the screwdriver and pliers come in. Use the screwdriver to loosen the staples that are currently holding the covering in place and the pliers to remove the staples from the wood once they are loosened. Also, as you’re removing the covering be sure to take a minute and note how the fabric is folded and stapled since you’ll want to attach the new covering in a similar way. Unwrap the covering from the cushion and use it as the pattern for the new covering. Trace the outline of the covering on to your new fabric, cut it out, then iron it. Repeat these steps for each chair you are recovering.

Next, with the right side of the fabric facing towards the table lay the cushion cushion side down, wood-side up onto the fabric. Wrap the fabric around the edges of the cushion. This is where the staple gun comes in. As you wrap the fabric use the staple gun to staple and hold the fabric in place. Being careful not to staple your fingers. Fold the corners similar to how you wrap a present. Continue stapling until all sides are attached.

Finish by placing the cushion back on the chair and screwing it in place. I also used this recovering as an opportunity to tighten all the screws on the legs of the chairs, which had gotten a bit wobbly from usage. Turn the chair back over once the cushion is attached and voilà, you’ve just recovered your chairs and spiced up your kitchen.

Below is my finished recovered chair.

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