Hungry Hip-Hop: Traditional Italian Lobster Gravy (Sauce)

I once took a Facebook quiz titled “Which Wu-Tang Member Are You?” According to this quiz, I align with Inspectah Deck, apparently we’re both philosophical.   This Hungry Hip-Hop Recipe was inspired by Raekwon, “House of Flying Daggers” and Inspectah Deck’s lyric: “I pop off like a mobster boss. Angel hair with the lobster sauce.”

As it turns out my family has a great lobster sauce recipe. My grandparents immigrated from Palermo, Sicily to Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1900s. Traditional Italian Lobster Sauce is a dish that has been made in my family for generations and typically served on special occasions. My father Alphonso, the son of a fisherman, has shared the recipe below.


Directions are as follow:

First you’ll need to prep the lobsters. Start by rinsing your lobsters under fresh water. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and once the water starts boiling dump the live lobsters in the hot water. Boil them for 2 minutes and  remove from the boiling water and set aside.

Next choose a large enough pot that lobster pieces will fit into them. Finely chop your onions and garlic. Add the olive oil and chopped onion to the pot. Sautee until the onion becomes translucent, add the garlic and sautee 2 minutes longer. Add the boxes tomatoes and salt. Turn heat to medium and let everything cook for 15 minutes.

As those ingredients are cooking you will need to chop up the lobsters. Be sure to save any liquid that drips off the lobsters as they were draining and from while you are cutting them up. This will go back into the tomato sauce.

To cut the lobster, start by removing the tail from the body and then cut the tail  in half longways. Remove both claws. Remove the knuckles from the claws. Cut the head and body down the middle. Leave the legs on the body.

Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

Next add the lobster and any juices to the sauce. Now add the white wine, bay leaves and the oregano cooking for 10 more minutes. Once cooked set the sauce aside for 30 minutes to enhance the flavors. During this time cook your pasta. Once cooked drain the pasta and add the Spaghetti in the lobster sauce.








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