Crochet pot holders

A few years back I was determined to crochet an afghan. I chose my color scheme, decided on 4 different styles of granny squares to use, arranged my squares in a lovely pattern, and started crocheting. After a few weeks I’d only finished about 20 of the 72 blocks I’d need to complete my afghan. Feeling unaccomplished I took a break from my afghan project, moving on to various smaller projects, and after some time my afghan project slipped my mind. However, recently while doing some reorganizing I came across my collection of granny squares and the stash of yarn intended for my afghan. Having no desire to revisit the afghan project at this moment I wondered what could I do with all these granny squares. Conclusion? Pot holders. I would take two granny squares, line them with a piece of felt, stitch them together, and wa-la homemade pot holders and oven mits.

If you don’t already have a stash of granny sqaures, no worries, these squares work up quick. Each one takes about 30 minutes, meaning you could have a set (4 squares total) in about 2 hours. I’ve found these potholders make a great gifts. I give them as a housewarming present or as something unique for the cooks in my life. Plus, they are totally customizable – simply buy yarn colors to match the decor of those you’re making them for!

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