Crochet Pattern: Fruit Protector – Fruit Cozy

I happily receive amazing fresh produce each week from Boston Organics. This means fruit is now my snack of choice. Lately, I have been encountering a fruit eater’s dilemma. Each day I put an apple, pear, or nectarine into my bag for a snack. At lunchtime I discover, much to my disappointment, my notepad has been bumping against my fruit all morning, leaving it badly bruised- many times inedible. For me, this is an utter disappointment at snack time! To combat this reoccurring disappointment caused by manhandled fruit, my mom and I came up with these sock-like drawstring pouches to keep my delicate treats protected from the variety of dangers in my tote bag.

Pattern information:

This is easy to follow crochet pattern will allow you to make your own snazzy crochet fruit cozy!

Skill Level: Easy

Craft: Crochet

Materials: 35 yards of a worsted weight yarn and 2 beads

This pattern is available for download for $3.50.


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