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I come from three generations of crafters, or so I’m told. I never actually saw my grandmother make anything, but remnants of her handiwork were everywhere growing-up: a handmade quilt in the spare bedroom at her house, jars and jars of canned goods in the basement. By the time I came along, she had apparently traded crafting for episodes of “Murder She Wrote.”
My mom on the other hand, was always making something new or recreating something she’d seen elsewhere: festive vegetable print covers for the bar stools in the kitchen, a gold satin valence for the the living room. And I wonder where I get my love of color and patterns from?!
Lucky for me, around age 10, the women of my family began passing down their skills. First, I learned to sew. Shortly thereafter, on a family trip to California, my Aunt Sonya taught me to crochet. It wasn’t until college, that I started cooking. Regardless, after almost 20 years of crafting & DIY playing both major and minor roles in my life, I started this blog and
Etsy Store to share our (mine and my mom’s) creations with the world.


Jeanne Dasaro

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  1. Barb says:


  2. Amy Tarrant says:

    I work at the spa with Kristin Ryan in Ferndale,MI. She had a couple of your hats. I would like to order some for Chirstmas gifts. She got the black “slouch hat” (I think you call it). I tried hers on and it was to big. I have a smaller head anyway. If I give you my measurements can you make a black one for me and a few for gifts? If so what colors do I have to choose from etc. Thanks.

    Amy Tarrant
    248-890-6805 cell

  3. Dorothy Dasaro says:

    You are very creative, and lucky for you, you have a lot of good cooks in the family.. but your love for baking comes from your Grandma Bea.. you have her touch.. lucky girl.. and the crafting was handed down from her .. she is smiling down at you as I do every day.. the almond cake was amazing.. can’t wait to taste your next creations.. ❤

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