a saturday sew-a-thon

I got the sewing machine out today for the first time in about 8 months. Luckily, sewing is like riding a bike and you quickly remember what to do.

I started my sewing day by turning an old pair of sweatpants into a dog coat for Chauncey, my doxin aka dachshund. Doxins, as you may already know, have an extra long body, short legs, and a prominent collarbone, which means dog coats for doxies are hard to find. After expressing this dilema to another dog owner  she suggested I try what she did for their greyhound and customize a dog coat using a pant leg or jacket sleeve. That’s exactly what I did. I cut the pant leg to the exact length of Chauncey’s body, cut arm holes, and stitched all the edges so the fabric didn’t fray. It took me awhile to get the measurements right, but the I had another pant leg to use once I got them right.

Next, I whipped up a pin cushion, which is more like a pin pillow since its so flat. Followed by some tiny stuffed hearts which I am thinking of giving out as valentines. (see pic to the right)

I also made two aprons, one is a floral print and one is fish print. I’m quite happy with them. They’re both for sale in the online store if you wanna check them out.

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