Rooftop Container Gardening

I recently moved from a two-family house with a small yarn into an apartment building surrounded by cement and two lovely trees. The location and building are wonderful, but the shade and cement make it nearly impossible to recreate the vegetable garden I’d been cultivating for the past 3 years. I spent most of March perplexed.  I didn’t want to give up my garden, but how does one garden without green space? Luckily, we live in an age of Google. A search of “urban gardening” provided ideas, which I paired with some ingenuity to create an urban veggie oasis.

I do have roof access in my building. This solves my lack of sunlight problem, but how does one create a garden on the roof? Trusty Google suggested container gardening as a solution for people looking to grow vegetables in the city, since many vegetables can be grown in pots and containers. Now I just needed to find 18 or so large containers. [I’ll point out here I didn’t want to spend a fortune, or any money at all.] Here’s what I did. I visited my local pizzeria and burrito shops asking if they had food containers (1 gallon or larger) that they typically threw away.  I explained what I’d be using them for and they were happy to let me take them off their hands. So, now I’ll be growing my tomatoes in a bucket that originally held 5 pounds of pickles! They’ve agreed to give me their containers each week for the next few weeks! This means I won’t need to purchase any containers for my veggies and I save trash from going into a landfill, win-win!

Check out a few pictures:

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  1. “Container Gardening for Dummies” is an outstanding book for someone who is just beginning in container gardening – as the name might suggest. It focuses heavily on gardening for those of us who have limited space in which to garden, and even goes as far as recommending certain plants for certain climates.

    This is a great book, but a book more focused on gardening in general may be a better starter. Perhaps The Beginner’s Guide to Urban Gardening: A Simple, Practical Guide to Creating Your Own Bountiful Indoor Garden would be more appropriate for a potential gardener who is breaking into the idea of gardening in a limited space.

    The book also spends considerable time on decorative ideas for gardening, which may not be appropriate for a person with very limited space. Once again, a book focused solely on urban gardening would be excellent.

    I purchased the book via my Kindle, and found the format to be entirely satisfactory. In some cases Kindle editions of books may not the easiest to navigate, but I found no problems with this particular work.

    In all though, this book is an indispensable reference for a person who is familiar with gardening, and is attempting to sharpen their skills with container gardening and decoration. I learned quite a bit from this book, and would definitely recommend it!

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