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I come from three generations of crafters, or so I’m told. I never actually saw my grandmother make anything, but remnants of her handiwork were everywhere growing-up: a handmade quilt in the spare bedroom at her house, jars and jars of canned goods in the basement. By the time I came along, she had apparently traded crafting for episodes of “Murder She Wrote.”
My mom on the other hand, was always making something new or recreating something she’d seen elsewhere: festive vegetable print covers for the bar stools in the kitchen, a gold satin valence for the the living room. And I wonder where I get my love of color and patterns from?!
Lucky for me, around age 10, the women of my family began passing down their skills. First, I learned to sew. Shortly thereafter, on a family trip to California, my Aunt Sonya taught me to crochet. It wasn’t until college, that I started cooking. Regardless, after almost 20 years of crafting & DIY playing both major and minor roles in my life, I started this blog and
Etsy Store to share our (mine and my mom’s) creations with the world.


Jeanne Dasaro

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  2. Amy Tarrant says:

    I work at the spa with Kristin Ryan in Ferndale,MI. She had a couple of your hats. I would like to order some for Chirstmas gifts. She got the black “slouch hat” (I think you call it). I tried hers on and it was to big. I have a smaller head anyway. If I give you my measurements can you make a black one for me and a few for gifts? If so what colors do I have to choose from etc. Thanks.

    Amy Tarrant
    248-890-6805 cell

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